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SWC-306 RB Six Channel Stackable Web Server  |  Model No: [SWC306 RB]    Call 

Six Channel Stackable Web Server
The SWC-306 six channel Web server is a network CCTV camera server solution with an integrated Internet server, image compression device, networking device, and flash memory. The SWC-306 can instantly be connected to a network or in-house intranet and be up and running in just minutes. Simply provide power and connect a LAN cable and video cable to the SWC-306—no other hardware is necessary! The SWC-306 relays video from a CCTV camera to a network, providing real-time images over networks and the Internet. The SWC-306 utilizes Wavelet image compression and the Linux operating system, enabling it to transfer high quality images faster and with a greater degree of reliability than standard JPEG systems.

Built with both the internet and the user in mind, the SWC-306 enables high-speed surveillance images to be sent to up to 100 different locations all at once, anywhere in the world. And because it is its own web site, it even comes with its own programmable web page.

The SWC-306 is part of Samsung’s Webthru line of Internet-ready CCTV equipment.

Features and Benefits:

Easy Installation – Just connect the SWC-306 to the Internet and it’s ready for use.

Highly Compatible – The SWC-306 supports TCP/IP networking, SMTP, HTTP and other Internet-related protocols. In addition, the SWC-306 can be used in mixed operating system environments, such as Windows, UNIX, Macintosh and OS/2. The SWC-306 also integrates easily into other Internet/Intranet applications and CGI scripts.

Simple Administration – The SWC-306 can be configured and managed directly from its own web page. Moreover, as new upgrades become available, it’s easy to upgrade your SWC-306 remotely over the network.

Wavelet Image Format – Unlike many other products that need to fracture image files prior to broadcast, the SWC-306 delivers complete, highly compressed pictures in Wavelet format. Wavelet format has image compression rates 30-300% higher than standard JPEG. By utilizing Wavelet, image file sizes are much smaller than conventional camera servers and Wavelet's image quality is superior to other camera servers as well. Wavelet can transmit up to 123 frames per second.

External Device Connection – External devices such as IR-sensors, switches, alarm relays and external video input can be connected to the SWC-306 via six auxiliary input ports.

User’s Programmable Space – The SWC-306 contains 4.5MB of configurable Flash Memory for user-programmable and user-configurable space. Because the SWC-306 also acts as a server, this space can be used to create a personal web page.

Embedded Linux Operating System – The SWC-306 uses an embedded Linux operating system within its 32bit RISC CPU. Linux is based on UNIX and is one of the most stable operating systems available.

Samsung Camera is a leading provider of cameras, lenses, switchers, multiplexers, quads, time lapse VCRs, monitors, DVRs, Web cameras, and accessories.

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